Meet the Team

Building bodies through better coaching and education!

Meet the Team

I’m Adele, the woman-in-charge at Adele Frizzell LLC and head coach of The Transformer Programs. I live in Idaho, where I spend nearly every weekend doing outdoorsy things in the mountains.

As far as professional credentials, I’m an ACE-certified Health Coach with a specialty in Weight Management. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology, and I’ve written 5 nonfiction books.

My bucket list item is to build a kick-ass home gym one day!

Adele Frizzell, Idaho

Coach and CEO

I’m Sarah, and I wear a lot of hats at Adele Frizzell LLC. I support the coaches and the clients with anything they need. I also really enjoy learning new things, and I have a thirst for technology. When I’m not riding my bike outside, I like to spend time with my son.

I live in the Philippines, and my bucket list item is to visit Nepal one day.

Sarah Mae Yuzon, Phillipines

Administrative Assistant

Hi! I’m Tiffany, NASM certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, and head coach of the N-E-W You Program here at Adele Frizzell LLC.

I live in Eastern Tennessee and I am fortunate enough to have the Great Smoky Mountains practically in my backyard. I love hiking, biking and exploring nature.

My bucket list item is to road trip across the US with my family, stopping at every state to hike or visit a major landmark.

Tiffany Buck, Tennessee