by Adele Frizzell (the first two books were written under the pen name, Sophie Winters)


The Cha Cha Club Dating Man-ifesto

Are you tired of dating games? Having a hard time setting boundaries? Falling for the wrong kind of men? A fun, sisterly, kick-in-the-ass guide for women who feel unlucky in love. It includes 48 guidelines to help you weed out Mr. Wrong and find Mr. Right. I followed my own advice and found my husband less than a year later!

It's Not You, It's Us

Want more joy, intimacy, and respect in your relationship? Find out how to get the love you deserve in this inspiring and uplifting relationship guide for couples. A “relationship manual” you can return to time and again for a tune-up. Each chapter includes stories, homework, and activities to increase happiness and satisfaction. An indispensable book for every kind of couple: engaged, married or living together!

Forty Daze: A Quest for Self-Improvement

Forty Daze is a fun book about self-improvement, mindfulness, and the science behind habit creation through a series of 40-day challenges. Read it, and get inspired to crush some goals. Self-improvement has never been so addictive!

The HCG Diet: Fact and Fiction

I wrote this book because there is so much conflicting information regarding the controversial HCG Diet. Most of what is written about the HCG Diet is either fear-mongering and misinformation, or the benefits are greatly exaggerated. This rapid weight-loss diet works, but I cut through the hype and explain why.