I’ve been talking a lot lately about meal planning, so I thought it was time to get real and show you exactly what I eat on a typical day.

Now, keep in mind that your situation might be different than mine. My food choices are based on how I active I am, the foods I currently like, and of course, my goals at the time. Consider this a “snapshot” in time.

Exercise & Activity Levels

At the time of this writing, I work from home on my laptop 6 days a week.

I have a standup desk and will raise or lower it according to my energy levels but I spend most of the day sitting. I take the dog for a 45-minute walk in the morning, and another 45 minutes most evenings. I do HIIT for less than 10 minutes twice a week on my air bike. I lift weights for 45 minutes 5 days a week. In the summers I like to hike. In cooler weather, I may take up running but most of the time I just walk 90 minutes a day, do HIIT 2x a week for about 10 minutes, and lift weights 5x a week.

The most important thing, nutrition-wise? I make sure I have protein at every meal and eat lots of vegetables. To make it easy to get the vegetables in, I food prep every Sunday by roasting a couple of cookie sheets of vegetables that I toss in olive oil, salt, and pepper. I’ll also batch cook some chicken breasts.

I ensure I eat enough food to fuel my workouts and recover. I also allow for treats because I believe in moderation and sustainability. I’m not one of those coaches that thinks Snickers bars and donuts are off-limits!

adele frizzell holding foodI eat a donut every week.

When you start thinking about your food choices from that mindset (how what you eat is based on your lifestyle and goals), it can be much easier to plan your meals, since what you eat has such a huge impact on all of it.

When you pair your nutrition with your workouts, it’s AMAZING how fast it all comes together.

So, with that in mind, here’s a ‘typical’ day.

Note: I don’t eat the same thing every day because I like variety so I’ve listed some typical meals.

Breakfast (usually 1 of the 5 below, with 1-2 cups of coffee):
  • Kodiak Protein pancakes with sugar-free syrup and walnuts OR
  • Egg whites with oatmeal & pumpkin puree, half-a scoop of protein powder, almond butter and sugar-free syrup OR
  • Vegetable omelet with sweet potato OR
  • Green vegetable protein smoothie & toast with butter and honey OR
  • Eggs with sauteed sauerkraut, apples, garlic, onions, and spinach & toast with butter and jam (I really like Dave’s killer bread)
  • Whole grain sandwich with roast turkey or tuna and light mayo and veggies + soup OR
  • Leftovers from dinner, usually a lean protein with a couple of roasted vegetables and a starchy carb
  • A pre-cooked casserole with vegetables that I simply heat and eat
  • Diet soda or diet drink
Snack (if hungry, anytime):
  • Greek yogurt and berries with walnuts OR
  • Serving of fruit with light or fat-free cheese (mozzarella string cheese or Laughing Cow) OR
  • Protein bar OR
  • Homemade air-popped popcorn with MCT oil and salt OR
  • Cinnamon bun flavored casein mixed with plain Greek yogurt or cottage cheese (sometimes I’ll have this before bed)
  • A lean protein such as fish, chicken, or shrimp with vegetables and a starchy carb OR
  • A large hearty salad with lean protein and bread or tortilla chips OR
  • Turkey chili with cornbread or baked potato OR
  • Pizza with salad or vegetables and chicken OR
  • Dinner out once a week: usually a chicken burger with a half order of sweet potato fries and salad
Twice-a-week-Treat: (Usually on Saturdays after a workout and one other day)
  • Bubble tea OR
  • Donut OR
  • Snickers bar OR
  • Ice-cream

Does any of that surprise you?

Does it seem like a lot of food? The fact is, the more muscle mass you carry, and the more active you are, the more calories you need, regardless of your age.

Do you need some help in this area? If so, you’re not alone. As a health coach, I help women with their nutrition, weight loss, and fitness goals.

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