I came across a great study that I had to share with you.

We all know that our mood can have an impact on our well-being, our choices, and our actions.

But did you know that studies show that SMILING might actually help IMPROVE your mood on-demand?

A team of psychologists from the University of Tennessee recently reviewed more than 138 studies that followed more than 11,000 people – and they found that our facial expressions can have a big impact on our emotions. And it’s not just smiling. If you frown, you are more likely to feel increased sadness, and scowling can make you feel increased anger.

The study, which was published in the health journal Psychological Bulletin, is the latest in a minor controversy involving facial expressions and mood.

Even though folk and conventional wisdom has long said that smiling can help you feel happier, psychologists haven’t agreed.

While the researchers said that you can’t necessarily smile your way to happiness, it definitely can have an impact on your mood and may turn your day around in a second.

How to turn your day around in a second

Regardless of who’s right, why not give it a try RIGHT NOW? In fact, no matter how silly or weird it seems, why don’t you give me a GIANT SMILE right now and hold it for 10 seconds. Feel any different? (Bonus points: put your arms in the air and R-E-A-C-H for the sun!)

No one is suggesting that you ignore or cover up real problems or unhappiness by smiling, but if you’re simply having a garden-variety bad day, it can’t hurt to try to turn your mood around with a smile. And of course… throw in a great mood-boosting workout, and you’re golden.

Do you have any tips for turning your day around? Please share them below so we can all benefit!  arrow down


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