Note: Surge is 12 weeks long. Registration ends October 31.

Surge will run Friday, November 6 – Thursday, January 28.

Surge is suitable for new lifters and lifters returning to the gym after some time off. It will set you up with a solid base of knowledge, strength, and conditioning so you can kick butt in 2021.

It includes:

  1. A 12-week weight training program
  2. A PDF program guide
  3. Email access to your coach, Monday to Friday.
  4. Coaching assistance to help you figure out a workout schedule that fits your lifestyle
  5. The ability to send us videos of your lifts, have us analyze them, and give you feedback on your technique
  6. An FAQ page
  7. A bonus exercise video library
  8. A weekly group call with your coach (recorded for replay)
  9. A weekly presentation and lesson on weight training (in the group call)
  10. Videos showing you how to warm-up and perform each exercise in the Surge Program
  11. Bonus metabolic workouts for torching fat and building aerobic fitness (optional, but we recommend vigorous cardio sessions 1-2x a week for best results)
  12. A bonus Surge training log
  13. A weekly mindset piece to build confidence
  14. An education in the fundamentals of lifting!

Surge participants will get leaner and stronger lifting only 2-3x a week and doing 1-2 (optional) cardio sessions. You will learn excellent lifting technique and feel stronger, fitter, and more confident in the gym after 12 weeks.

If you would prefer to pay in 3 monthly installments, click here.