The NEW You Program

The N-E-W You Combo Program is a 12-week program that includes private diet coaching and customized strength training as well as weekly group calls. Coach Tiffany is the head coach of this program. Adele and Tiffany will alternate hosting a call every week.


December 21 – 27. The enrollment period. Registration, paperwork, etc.
December 27 – January 2. We prepare your diet and training plans.
Monday, January 4 – March 28. The program runs.

You can expect the following:

1. A customized weight training program specific to your goals, equipment, and preferred schedule.

2. A customized macro plan specific to your goals – lose, maintain, etc.

3. A new tracker that incorporates habit tracking every week to help you further cement your new habits. (Your coach will review this with you every week).

4. Weekly group calls with Adele and Tiffany. We can talk about anything, including eating out socially, handling vacations, making changes to your training, the psychology of weight loss, mindset, etc. with an opportunity for all of you to connect and share your wins and challenges with each other. Calls will be recorded for replay so you can watch them at your convenience. You can also send your questions in advance.

5. Unlimited email access to your coach so you can have any questions answered about your training and diet plans.

6. Weekly video feedback on your tracker including any changes you should make to your workouts or nutrition plan.

7. Ability to send in lifting videos to have them analyzed.

8. MyFitnessPal feedback to enhance your nutritional choices (upon request only).

9. BONUS – An expanded exercise video library so you can learn how to perform each exercise in your training program.


By paying all-at-once you save $98! 

If you prefer to pay $299 a month for 3 months, click here.

Disclaimer: Adele Frizzell LLC are not medical professionals. The information shared with you is not medical advice and in no way substitutes for the care and advice of your doctor.